Sponge cake is another very popular cake option in Nigeria and this is not surprising as if made very well, it is absolutely fabulous.

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Below is an easy recipe.


-500g flour
-250g butter
-8 eggs
-700g sugar
-1Tbsp vanilla extract
-1Tsp salt
-1 Tsp baking powder
-500ml whole milk


1. Start by breaking the eggs into your mixer.
2. Add the sugar gradually and continue to mix for about ten minutes.
3. Add the vanilla extract.
4. Continue for mix until the mixture becomes creamy and velvety.
5. Turn off mixer and fold in flour.

6. Once you’ve finished folding in the flour. You add the butter to the milk and heat up in the microwave. Gradually add this to the mixture.

7. Once all of the ingredients have been added,  share the mixture between two 8″ pans and place in a preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius and bake for 30 minutes

We have a perfect video here for you