Get Firmer Breasts After You Stop Breastfeeding By Following These 5 Tips

You have given birth to your bundle of joy then comes breastfeeding and then you stop breastfeeding and your once perky and attractive breast looks like deflated balloons.

Don’t worry too much because we have just the tips you need to get them back to their former glory.

Breastfeeding alongside pregnancy might have transformed your breasts so much you can hardly recognize them but with these tips, you can get them firmed up and back in shape.

1. Wear the right bra after pregnancy

While nursing, you will probably want to purchase a few nursing bras for easy access but you should also invest in sturdy support bras especially during your exercise routine. A push bra too will help hold your breasts up properly.

2. Lose the extra weight slowly after pregnancy

When it comes time to release those pounds back, go slow. Despite your hurry to get back into pre-baby jeans, your skin’s elasticity is challenged by rapid stretching in either direction. Slow and steady progress gives breast skin more time to recover and repair.

3. Moisturize your breast area

Plain cocoa butter, shea butter, almond oil, or a wide variety of baby-safe, specially formulated skin moisturizers can aid the elasticity, collagen production and general resilience of breast skin. Combine moisturizing with a little uplifting breast massage to feel perkier instantly. The added bonus is that all that moisture can help to prevent and fade the appearance of stretch marks, too.

4. Exercise your chest region

That old theory about increasing bust-size by working out the upper chest muscles (such as when you do push-ups or press your palms together while pointing your elbows out to the sides) holds true: larger pecs equals larger-looking, more uplifted breasts. Strengthening your core and back muscles will also give you a big boost by bettering your posture and allowing you to hold yourself taller and appear less saggy.

5. Use cold and warm water

A simple rinse of cold water after a steamy shower helps the skin around the breasts contract and lift.


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