4 Effective Ways To Manage Cash Flow In Your Business

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How To Manage Cash Flow In Your Business

Cash flow is basically the movement of funds in and out of your business. Typically, businesses track cash flow either weekly, monthly or every four months. There are essentially two kinds of cash flows:

Positive cash flow: This is when the cash entering into your business from sales is more than the amount of the cash leaving your businesses.

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Negative cash flow: This is when the cash going out of your business is greater than your incoming cash. This generally means trouble for a business.

There are methods to take however to ensure that you have more positive outflow of cash and we have highlighted them below.

1. Identify Business Risks & Prepare In Advance

There are many risks involved in running a business, and serious challenges should be expected at some point in the future.

You need to consider a number of scenarios such as “What if that big order suddenly comes in?”; “What if a big order is cancelled?” or “What if that important client goes missing while still owing me money?”

This kind of risk analysis can become part of your cash-flow budgeting process and help your business run smoothly.

2. Create A Separate Bank Account For Your Business

A common mistake that business owners make is mixing business and personal bank accounts.

Its strongly advised to have a separate bank account for your business. You can ask your bank to issue an ATM card, make business-related purchases on that card and pay using your business account.

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3. Cut Cost and Control Cash Outflow

The best way to control cash flow is to ensure your expenses are reduced. When we start making profits, we often tend to ignore the cost cutting opportunities. Unmanaged outflow could be a silent business killer and you should avoid this.

4. Learn To Go with the flow

Sooner or later, you will foresee or find yourself in a situation where you lack the cash to pay your bills. This doesn’t mean you’re a failure as a businessperson.

You’re a normal entrepreneur who can’t perfectly predict the future. And there are normal, everyday business practices that would bring risks.

Never ever devalue yourself.