Picking The Perfect Jeans For Your Body Type Just Got Easier With This Simple Guide

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Getting the perfect type of denim pant or your body type goes a long way to determine how good you will look in one. In fact, the less fit it has on you the less flattering they will be.

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Knowing your body type and the best denim cut to buy is a point you can not over look because if the truth be told, you must have noticed by now that some of the denim pants you own don’t do your body shape any justice at all.

1. Hourglass-shaped

If you have an hourglass shape, a classic boot cut denim pant is just the thing for you. It will keep you slim in all the right places but still show off your sexy curves.

2. Pear Shaped

If you are pear-shaped (slim on the top and wide in the lower portion), keep a balance by going for a tapered cut pant, this will give your waist and hip a trim look and balance your figure out.

3.  Plus-sized

Make sure you go for dark-rinsed denim with a straight-cut leg ( maybe a little form-fitting) or trouser cut pants. These types of cuts have a slimming effect on your body shape.

4.  Slim Shaped

Huggies Nappy Pants

When you are tall, you can absolutely rock a straight cut denim pant or go retro with a little flare in it. You have the height to carry it off.

5. Petite Shaped

For petite girls, a slim-cut pair of denim, cute boot-cut, or sexy cropped skinnies would look terrific on your smaller frame.