‘I Almost Lost My Life, My Dress Took 720 Hours To Make……’ -Ifuennada Speaks On Her Iconic Outfit To The 2023 AMVCAs

Ifu Ennada has revealed how she almost lost her life because of the AMVCAs. The reality star whose outfit was designed by Tiannah’s Empire was late to the event and couldn’t make the red carpet but her outfit has again raised eyebrows and got people talking.

Year after year, Ifuennada has been known for her eccentric outfits to the awards and this year was no exception.

Taking to Instagram, She wrote: Last But The Best To #AMVCA9 . I literally almost lost my life earlier because they didn’t want me to trend for #AMVCA , but I am unstoppable.


She also reacted to trolls criticizing her outfit via her Instagram stories.


What I choose to wear to #AMVCA is not for shallow minds to understand. How I choose to express myself through Art & Fashion is not for the pleasure of malnourished cesspool inhabitans. This my AMVCA outfit took over “720” hrs to complete and yes it cost an Arm and a Leg. I’m really sick and tired of you guys insulting me every year, but I have no intention to stop because I wasn’t born to be ordinary like your sorry a$$es.

If you guys can accept unique Nigerians like Speed Darlington and Portable, why can’t you accept me?

Aren’t you people tired of insulting me everyday?
I woke up to insults everywhere; my comment section, my DMs, blogs..

Why can’t you guys just accept that I love to be uniquely different?

Some of you have gone ahead to say I’m Tiannah’s Lab Rat, no I’m not. What I ask for is exactly what I get.
Some of you even insinuate she styles me free of charge, no she doesn’t. Yes she gives me a discount, but what I pay still runs into millions.
These Looks are not cheap or free.

For the sake of your mental well-being I’m appealing to Ya’ll to accept me as lam, because I’m going to be here for a long time and I have no intention to change.

I was born to be different. People who knew me growing up I will tell you free of charge, that you could easily spot me in the crowd because I always stood out.

“Some of you are asking “How she go take siddon?”

Has it occurred to you that I’m not out of shape and unhealthy like most of you calling me names? I am fit and healthy, I could stand all day.

Aside that, my outfit is a Transformer, so I could easily change into the 2nd part of it and sit if sitting was my I problem in life.

Why una dey drink paracetamol for my headache?.”

“Honestly I just feel like some Nigerians just hate me cos you guys stay trolling me. I never do right in your eyes – not that I care cos una no dey feed me.

It’s sad because I’m actually a very intelligent and passionate young person. From my businesses to my other endeavours, you could easily tell that I am a breath of fresh air, but LasLas una wan choke for my matter. Make una continue shaa. I promise to keep leaving you breathless for as long as I can.”

See some reactions to her outfit.Ifu Ennada AMVCA 2023

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