5 Lucrative Business Opportunity Every Woman Should Invest In

Investment is a big deal when it comes to making money, and women who are into entrepreneurship can relate. Growing up, you were told that starting a business comes with ‘risks’. They were right; it does, and it could be dicey.

However, you have to be extremely careful when you’re investing your money in something that big. Moreover, there are many investment opportunities for women in Nigeria, and they yield fruitful results.

You’ve heard of big names in so many industries, and certainly, you know that they’re into one business or the other. Why don’t you go for it as well?

Here are 5 investment opportunities for women in Nigeria:

1. Agriculture

Food is essential to life so it’s great to utilize this by venturing into Agriculture and providing customers with their daily food needs.

Fish farming, poultry, crop farming, and animal rearing are great branches of Agriculture to venture into.

2. Real Estate

Of course, people need houses and need to rent locations. Why don’t you go into real estate and become an agent who would source houses and locations for people’s shelter needs?

3. Stock Exchange

You’ve certainly heard that stock exchange doesn’t always go so well. It’s true. However, all you need to do is make adequate research and contact reliable people who are aware of the stockbrokers to patronize.

Also, investigate stocks that rise on an annual basis to help you determine which stocks to invest in.

4. Food Business

As mentioned earlier, everyone eats every day, so if you’re a great cook, then set up your own food business. It doesn’t have to be a big one at the start because not everyone can afford to patronize big businesses. Gradually, your business will flourish.

You can start small, probably within your area or a nearby area where there are offices. Workers would surely patronize you. Also, utilize social media to get new customers for your food business.

5. Beauty Business

Beauty is BIG right now. Hair businesses, makeup businesses, however, you can venture into it, DO IT!

You could start a hair business or a beauty salon business. Also, you could learn makeup or start a makeup business by buying wholesale and selling as a retailer.


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