Read Story Of Woman Abandoned By Husband Due To Her Daughters Blue Eyes As Help Comes Their Way

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Help has finally come for Risikat Azeez-Ayegbami, the mother of the two girls who are blue-eyed as Olufolake Abdulrazaq, the wife of Kwara State Governor, has come to her rescue.

Risikat’s story went viral after Alabi Afusat, a student at the University of Osun, who travelled to Ilorin for the Sallah festivities shared the story on Facebook of how was abandoned by her husband because her daughters have blue eyes.

The family’s story soon went viral with Risikat who is also blue-eyed sharing her story.

In an interview with Punch, Risikat said that she was born with naturally blue eyes. She explained that since it was unusual, her parents took her to the General Hospital where a series of tests were done and it was revealed that her eyes are perfect.

While in primary school, she said her teachers invited her parents and asked them to take her to the hospital to check her eyes. She explained that when her parents took her to the hospital again, the doctors did tests again and told her that there is nothing wrong with her eyes and they are just naturally blue like that of a Caucasian.

Risikat soon got married and had two girls with all of them inherited her eye color.

However, she explained that her husband, Abdulwasiu Omo Dada, had a problem with it and abandoned them as a result.

She said he loved her with her eyes at first but after she had their first child and she was born with the same eyes, their relationship changed and it became hard to have a conversation with her husband. It got worse when she had her younger daughter.

“When I had the first baby, it became difficult to have a conversation with him. Till I left with the children, we didn’t have a conversation.

“Whenever I attempt to have a conversation with him, he would get angry and walk out on me.”

She said that when she got pregnant with her second daughter, things were so hard for them that they couldn’t afford food or medical care. She began going to her parents’ home to eat and when it was time to have her child, her parents paid her hospital bills.

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The second baby came out with blue eyes too and at this point, her husband’s behaviour worsened. To make matters worse, his parents also expressed their displeasure with the eyes of his children.

Risikat said: “Even his parents were asking him if he was going to keep having children with blue eyes.”

She said her husband began leaving home for days on end. Sometimes, he will be away for a whole week and wouldn’t leave money for his family.

She said she began eating at her parents’ home again. After the child’s christening, she said her parents asked her to leave her husband.

She said that since she left, her husband has not shown up to ask after her or their kids.