7 Tips On How To Choose The Right Makeup Artist For Your Wedding

Tips To Choosing Makeup Artist For Weddings

As a bride, you are the center of attention on your big day and everyone will be staring at your face and your makeup.

Finding a really good makeup artist is hard, especially these days that almost every woman is a beauty entrepreneur.

In Nigeria, people like to talk, tongues would surely wag, in-laws would jest, so in order to avoid getting ugly stares and funny looks on your wedding, endeavour to pick the right makeup artist.

So it is safe to say that the success of your big day is also hinged on how good your Make up artist is. Of course, no bride wants to be the butt of all jokes, so it is essential to pay attention to these minute details.

So, how do you differentiate the pseudo-makeup artist from the real deal, and avoid being used as a makeup practical by a learner who is looking for fast upkeep money? Well, in a few minutes, you will find that out. Just keep reading!

The first step is finding a list of makeup artists you think would be good and then narrowing down your search to the one perfect for you. So how do you find?

1. Ask for referrals from friends

Talk to stylish people you know. Ask them if they know or have used a good makeup artist that they can recommend to you.

Also, if you have friends who are married and you liked their wedding look, call them and ask for details of the make up artist.

Remember Zainab’s wedding you attended in Kaduna and how subtle and lovely you thought her makeup was? Why not pick up your phone, call Zainab and get the contact of the makeup artist. That could save you a lot of stress.

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2. Search Social Media

Search Google, Instagram, and other social media options for makeup artists in your area or environs who could be affordable. YouTube in recent times has become another method of search. Watch YouTube videos on makeup and from there, you might be interested in the makeup artist. You could search for “skilled makeup artists located in Ile-Ife” or wherever your wedding would hold and you would get a few names.

3. Check Their Portfolio

Another important thing is to look at the before and after pictures of previous jobs of the artist. Find out if the artist enhances looks or changes faces totally.

Go through their portfolio just to see if you can find a work the person did that could suit you and your face.

4. Find Someone Who is Comfortable Working with brides

Also, you want to get a makeup artist who is comfortable with working with a bride. Some makeup artists specialize more and are talented greatly in runway makeup, dramatic looks, or personalized makeup.

So you want to be sure the artist you are going to employ is good in bridal and traditional makeup. Everyone has their strong and weak points.

Do not be deceived by big or fancy names. Check pictures of work done.

Now you should have successfully found one or two makeup artists who have hooked your interest. The next thing is to narrow down your search by deciding who you would eventually want on your big day.

5. Fix an Appointment.

Yes, meet with the selected few. You could visit their studio and talk to them. Get the vibe around them, let them know what you have in mind. Go through their pictures again and when you see what you want, ask them if they can recreate that look on your big day.

Also, tentatively ask if you could get a trial makeup just to see what they can do. If you are lucky, you could get a free or almost free trial makeup done! Be sure that a person is who can work for you.

6. Be Ready To Pay For Quality

Yes, this also matters a lot. Some brides want to look good but they do not want to pay. If you eventually find the makeup artist you want, try to negotiate well.

Be fair in your feelings and you should get a fair deal too. Most brides tend to pick the wrong makeup artists because they do not want to spend even if they have the money. Later on, they regret it though. So be reasonable and you could get a good deal.

7. Be Specific About What You Want.

Tell your makeup artist what you want in specific terms. Negotiate a good deal. If you want your bridesmaids, mother, and little bride to be made up, say it in clear terms. It would never be healthy to engage in a confrontation on your big day with your makeup artist.

And if the makeup artist is comfortable with your terms, then you two could work as a team. Trust our Naija mothers, they don’t want to be left out on that day.

So find a makeup artist who is willing to let “Iya Bolaji” look sweet on her daughter’s big day. If you play your game right, you would get a good package.

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