5 Tips That Can Help Working Mothers Improve Parenting Skills

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There’s no particular rule to training kids but you just have to raise yours in the most responsible way ever. Let them feel wanted and try to be a loving mother that every kid would want to be around.

As a working mom, you might be busy joggling between your career and home duties but there are some important tips you really need to take note of.

Here are tips that will help you improve on your parenting skills while working

1. Always Listen To Your Kids

Listen attentively to whatever they have to say, give them room to express their feelings.  Try to put away distractions, make it your top priority to make them talk to you and see you as a friend. Focus on what they say, let them ask several questions and give the reasonable response that will benefit them.

2. Be A Good Role Model

Don’t involve in anything in front of your kids that you wouldn’t want them to do.  Your kids are watching what you do and they will definitely take after you so try as much as possible to be a good role model to them. Practice what you preach to them, be honest with your dealings,  make them love and learn to share.

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3. Scold When Appropriate

Show judgment and stick to your rules. Do not just set rules, adhere to them also. It’s your parental duties to teach your kids the difference between wrong and right.  There will be a time when you will need to say No to your kids and mean it. Whatever rules you set, you need to follow them except you have some really good reasons.

4. Plan Daily Routine

Schedule your daily routines such as the best time to teach them homework, when to have a good time with them outside the house, watch cartoons or play video games with them. Never miss their school PTAs, keep up with their school syllabus so as to know when they are having exams and when they should play. Plan your days around having a good time with them, time for your spouse and career.

5. Develop Writing And Reading Habit

Writing is the key to success in academics, it not only help to memorize but it also help to improve writing and spelling.  So try to develop writing  and reading habit, read to them when you can and make them also read to you. Do not totally rely on private tutors, its’s your interest that will make a difference in their lives.

In addition to the above list, don’t forget  to make them enjoy good sound sleep everyday, check their progress and feed them healthy meals.


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