All The Reasons Why You Should Consider A Long Distance Relationship

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The millennial age has gradually brought about a rise in long-distance relationships.

The emergence of social media and dating websites and apps also means the high probability of meeting a prospective love interest outside one’s location or even country.

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Many ladies have complained about the struggles of long distance relationships and how it comes with a lot of issues but do you know it actually comes with its own advantages?

Here are some of them.

 Increase in emotional intimacy

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Long distance relationships have been proven to improve intimacy.

Remember the saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’?

Not seeing each other every day tends to increase intimacy as you tend to value and cherish every moment because your interactions with one another are more limited.

Also, because you do have time away from your significant other (SO), the time you spend together becomes more valuable.

 You learn how to be independent

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Knowing that your partner isn’t around, it makes you independent and gives you room to make your decisions and learn from your mistakes.

It doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be in the know of your activities but you have a high level of comfort of operating on your own and making independent decisions outside of your relationship too.

 It builds stronger Communication

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Even if you are introverted, communication is key in any relationship.

Long distance relationships are obviously fueled by communication and thanks to technology which has made things easier.

The distance along with a lack of communication can make things go sideways quickly hence the need for constant communication which helps make the relationship stronger.

 It promotes ‘Me’ time

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We all love our spaces, don’t we?

Being in a long distance relationship provides the avenue to get your ‘alone’ time and opportunity to do the things you love like watching a movie with your girlfriends without your partner feeling like he is ignored.

 You tend to be more committed

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In a long distance relationship, you have to put in some extra work, so you don’t take it for granted.

If you are in a long distance relationship for something serious, you realize the level of commitment needed to make the relationship work despite contrary opinions.

So Ladies, there you have it! To do or not to do?

Over to you.