5 Tips To Make Your Profile Stand Out On LinkedIn

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When searching for a job, your LinkedIn profile is one of the things you can’t afford to neglect as it connects you to employers around the world. It’s the first social media platform that comes to mind when it comes to job hunting and recruitment.

Having a solid LinkedIn profile will attract employers to your page and your dream job gets closer than you think.

It’s believed that 94% of recruiters use this platform to search for someone to hire; and if you’re on LinkedIn as a job-searching graduate, you should be able to position yourself as the right candidate.

To help you land that dream job through LinkedIn, here are tips you should adhere to.

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1. Use A Great Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the first thing any employer will sight when they land on your page. Unlike other social media platforms, your image has to look professional and friendly. Your profile picture makes it easy for prospective employers to relate to the name and that could also pave the way for conversations between you and them.

2. Optimize Your Headlines (Job Title)

The headline appears right beneath your name in search results (and right beneath your name on the “edit profile” page if you want to go change it). It’s usually in this format by default: Job Title at Company. Make it precise and clear, and avoid having too many abbreviations or certifications in your headline (or in your name).

3. Add Tangible Numbers Of Achievements

Employers do not go on LinkedIn to search for anybody with a profile and pictures. They check on people with achievements that are clearly stated in their profiles. So, to stand out in their searches, you need to add tangible numbers and statistics of your accomplishment in your profile.

4. Get Personal With Your Profile

Your profile is not a resume or CV. Write as if you are having a conversation with someone. Inject your personality. Let people know your values and passions. In your summary, discuss what you do outside of work like other interests you have. You want people to want to know you.

5. Build Your Network

The more connection you have on LinkedIn, the easier it is for you to build a reputation as a knowledgeable person with a good network. Your net worth on LinkedIn is dependent on how many people you connect with. You may not have thousands of connections when you just join the platform, but you should aim to have a minimum of 50–100 connections.

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