Want Your Makeup Products To Last Longer? Here’s The Proper Way To Store Them

Every woman wants their makeup products to last longer especially when they are quite expensive and scarce. The only way to do this is by storing the products the right way and in the right place.

If you still store your makeup collection in one of those big pouches or your bathroom cabinet, you’re making a big, boring mistake.

In order to help you save more money on your makeup products, we have picked out amazing ways you can store and organize your makeup.

1. Store Your Brushes In Cute Mugs or Vases

You can save a lot of cash and store your makeup at the same time by keeping in that nicely designed mug. You can place this organizer on your dresser for easy access to your brushes and other knick-knacks.

2. Use Sectioned Drawer Dividers

Depending on the size of your makeup collection, all you need is a drawer with properly set up sections to store your lipsticks, concealers, compacts, mascaras, and all the other products. There’s also sufficient space for your brushes and sponges. Although this is a basic makeup storage idea, it sure is very practical for those of you who like to keep your stuff stacked away in different drawers.

3. Classy Makeup Shelf

Classy makeup shelf looks neat and hella sophisticated. If you like this aesthetic and don’t have marble walls, get a wallpaper! Stack up your makeup as per your convenience, but make sure you don’t arrange a lot of products out here. Just your everyday essentials arranged tastefully will look great on this shelf.

4. Magnetic Holder

This is a very cool DIY project – a magnetic makeup holder frame! Head to your nearest dollar store and buy a frame and a metal magnet board. Use two plastic holders in any color to store your brushes. Buy magnetic strips and stick them under all your products.

5. Label The Containers

If you are the clumsy type or you just started your makeup journey. This is the best way to store your makeup product so it doesn’t get mixed up.

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