Monalisa Chinda Bares Her Mind On The Issue Of Domestic Violence And Sexual Harassment

A victim of domestic violence, Monalisa Chinda Coker has said women are to blame in half the cases of domestic violence based on her research.

Monalisa who made this remark while speaking on Okey Bakassi‘s “The Other News” show  on Channels TV said women should quit provoking their spouses in order to avoid the occurence of domestic violence.

She said:

”As much as I detest all forms of violence against women and men, women should quit provoking their man by beating punches and slaps.”

“I’m a domestic violence [enthusiast]. I always research when I hear fresh stories about domestic violence. Half the time, it is the women.

“God just gave us this running Okra mouth. Women, don’t fight with people who are stronger than you.”


The beautiful actress also weighed in on actresses involved in sexual harassment cases. She said a lot of actresses feel uncomfortable to open up about such incidents, while adding that she’s never been a victim.


Here is the video