Recipe: How To Prepare The Ogbono-Egusi Soup Combo

The egusi-ogbono was existent at a point in time, and it was popular among the Eastern people of Nigeria. However, it’s necessary that we save the egusi-ogbono soup recipe from extinction by learning how it’s made.

Many people dislike ogbono soup because of the ‘slimy’ nature. That being said, they have no excuse to try it out, now that egusi-ogbono is rising all over again.

Here’s the recipe:


  1. Egusi seeds – 3 cups
  2. Ogbono – 1 cup
  3. Red palm oil – to your satisfaction
  4. Assorted Meat: beef, shaki, ponmo – 1kg (2.2 lbs)
  5. Assorted dry fish: dry cat fish and stockfish – 500g (1.1 lbs)
  6. Ground crayfish – 3 tablespoons
  7. Spicy Pepper and Salt – to taste
  8. Bitterleaf for vegetable
  9. Seasoning cubes – 3



  1. Before you start cooking, soak the dry fish till soft, clean and remove bones.
  2. Grind the egusi and ogbono seeds with a dry mill. Keep them separately.
  3. If you have unground crayfish, grind it with the dry mill.
  4. Slice the pepper and set aside.


1.Cook the beef, stockfish and shaki till it’s soft enough to chew. For the very tough stockfish, boil it for 20 minutes and leave in the pot with the hot water to soak for about an hour before cooking with the other meats.

2. When soft, take out the stockfish, debone and separate into medium pieces.

3. Separate the fish and beef stocks in different pots, one should be for the egusi and the other one should be for the ogbono.

Note: There should be more water in the egusi, compared to the ogbono.

4. Place the pots on separate burners so it can be faster. However, if only one burner is available, first cook the ogbono before the egusi.

5. Pour a cooking spoon full of palm oil, put the ground ogbono and start cooking.

6. For the egusi pot, put the ground crayfish and egusi. Stir well and add water if it’s too thick. Add palm oil after 10 minutes until you see the yellow colour.

7. Add the bitter leaves and cook for another 10 minutes.

8. After the soups are ready, pour the ogbono into the egusi pot. Add pepper, meat, salt, and fish. Stir well and let it heat up.

There you have it! Your egusi-ogbono soup is ready for your tummy.

Watch the video tutorial below:


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