Meet 21-Year-Old Nigerian Who Suffers From Dyslexia And Has Difficulty Spelling Words

Oladoyin Idowu, a 21-year-old Nigerian lady suffering from dyslexia, has appealed to parents to study their children and understand why they are performing abysmally in school instead of beating them.

In an interview with BBC News Pidgin, Oladoyin said she still cannot distinguish the right hand from the left hand, adding that she also has a problem with spelling.

She said she found out in 2015 that she was dyslexic and started going for therapy in 2016. She has devised a mode of learning that works for her, which includes recording her lectures and listening to the audio for comprehension.

Oladoyin also designs her notes in a way that helps her understand her courses better. She said making a child repeat a class will not stop dyslexia, adding that parents should pay attention to the disorder.

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