4 Things To Know Before You Start A Personal Shopper Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Personal Shopper Business

In today’s busy world, most people are very busy that they find a hard time buying gifts for their loved ones. In such cases, the assistance of a personal shopper can help required.

A personal shopper is someone who helps other people shop, either by giving advice or making suggestions. This business profit is determined by the time you spend running errands for people.

Starting a personal shopper business can therefore be a perfect choice if you love shopping. It can also be run online or offline depending on the person’s choice.

For you to become an efficient personal shopper you should have a good sense of discretion and good taste. Likewise, you should be creative and flexible.

Ready to start a personal shopper business, here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Identify Your Brand

The first skill you’ll need to be a personal shopper is identifying what type of shopping or errand service you’ll offer.

If you’re going to buy clothes, then you need to have a sense of style. On the other hand, if you’re going to do grocery shopping, you should have a good sense of bargains and deals.

2. The Right Drive

You need to have a passion for finding the perfect gift, outfit, or deal, you need to be aware of what’s new and trendy and what’s gone out of style and an instinct for bargains and sensitivity to a client’s budget.

3. Connect With The Right Client

When starting your business, you should meet busy people who could be your future clients. Creating an effective marketing plan is of great importance. You can advertise your business by giving attractive flyers that denote your services.

Likewise, include in the flyers your contact information, fees, and how clients can place their orders. Providing your phone number and email address is essential so that clients can reach you easily and immediately. Always have open communication with them.

A perfect understanding of your client’s needs is also important in terms of cost-effectiveness. Always try as much as possible to know each client’s ability and needs so that you can plan for the service you should provide.

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4. Have A Strategy plan

Having a strategy helps.

If you are into a personal shopper business, you should have a strategy that can make you fast money.

You should focus your audience on females because they are the best group that can be your usual clients.

Try distributing flyers in places where you can find most women such as in schools and daycare centers, this is because parents who take their children to daycares obviously do not have time for shopping.

Create images that are catchy and clear in communication for your social media handles.

Also making use of direct family members and friends to spread the word helps build a client base.

Always include in the flyers the rates according to the services rendered.

Creativity is an added attribute that you should possess.


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