6 Problems You May Experience In Your First Year Of Marriage

Every couple faces a challenge at one point or the other in their marriage because no relationship is perfect.

With this knowledge, couples might have several issues in the first year of their marriage.

This is because the first year of marriage is a crucial one.

Several trivial things that lead to these issues will be discussed in this post. So you have to read it completely to find out.

Take a look at them.

1. Finance Management

Before you got married, you knew how to manage your money. Now, you have to constantly remind yourself that what you have is for both of you.

You both might also have totally different ways of managing your finances that might cause serious issues in the first year of marriage. Learning how to balance your spending habits and your financial situation is a tough hurdle that every newlywed couple will have to get over.

2. Personal Hygiene

Your ideas of hygiene and daily habits might differ which would cause issues in the first year of marriage. You might be a cleanliness freak and your husband might just overlook things like that. This can cause hygiene.

3. Stress Management

The way you both respond to stress is totally different so that might cause an issue between the both of you. You both will have to understand each other before that issue can be sorted out.

4. In-Laws

No matter how cool you were with your fiance’s family before marriage, being officially man and wife will bring about a few changes. There are obligations to consider and boundaries to set in that first year of marriage.

5. Intimacy

Couples sometimes feel so comfortable in their marriage that they don’t have that urgency to connect physically like they did when they were dating. This leads to boredom. Perhaps it’s that you know you can get it whenever you want. Sometimes, one partner is more comfortable with letting sex take a back seat while the other feels resentful. This becomes one of the challenges of the first year of marriage.

6. Household Duties

Although many couples have already lived together for a while before tying the knot, some couples are greeted with surprise when they move in together as a married duo.

If you’ve never lived together before, you’ll be faced with what to do with chores in the first year of marriage. If you both work full-time, you will have to come up with how to divvy up everything in such a way that one partner does not feel resentful about doing it all. You may also consider hiring help.


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