You Should Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before Getting Back Together With Your Ex

For a woman to decide to go back to an ex, usually there is always more to her decision. You might think she made the decision just because she hasn’t gotten over her former flame but usually, she must have given it a lot of thought.

Some breakups are bad and messy leaving you broken and even swearing-off men altogether and there are some that leave you feeling like you are breathing for the first time in a long while. Irrespective of which type it is, getting back together after time apart should be thoroughly thought out.

If you are at that point where your ex is asking for a second chance at a relationship with you, here are 5 the five questions to consider before consenting.

1.  How was time apart?

Time apart after a break up is very crucial to your next relationship either with another person or your ex. You have the opportunity to consider how you feel being away from your previous relationship and what you didn’t get right. During the time apart you should be able to tell if you are better off without them or if they are worth another chance.

2. Is change possible?

It doesn’t matter who broke up with who, the truth is that your relationship ended for a reason. You should think about the circumstances leading up to your break up and if the changes required to sustain your relationship is possible. For instance, maybe you broke up because he spends more time with his friends than you, something can be done to change that but if you broke up because he got someone else pregnant, can you really change that?

3. Do you have the approval of your loved ones?

Your loved ones are also a good way to determine if your relationship is worth reviving. They knew how you were in the relationship and how you have been without your ex. Asking for their opinion can help you decide if you should go back to your ex. If they are not too enthusiastic about you dating your ex again, then they probably don’t think he is good for you.

4. Do you feel there is something worth fighting for in your relationship?

Most times when couples part amicably, it can be hard to pinpoint what went wrong. But if you are thinking of patching up your relationship, then you need to be as truthful as possible with yourself. Ask yourself if you were ever happy in the relationship and if you felt loved. If your answer is yes, then most likely there is something worth fighting for in your relationship.

5. Can you forgive and move on?

This is a very important question you must answer especially if it was your partner who was the cause of the break-up. Knowing if you can forgive what they did to you will determine how well you can learn to love them again. If you know what they did is unforgivable and you will never get over it, then don’t even bother getting back together.

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