5 Important Questions To Ask Before Taking Back Your Ex

Eventually, an ex will probably come back into a woman’s life and try to sweet-talk her into taking him back.

This is a critical stage for every woman and if she is not careful, she might get weak as she remembers the good times they had together and take him back.

Sometimes, it is good to take back an ex but the question to ask is – is he still good for me? why exactly am I taking him back and much more?

Here are a few things to consider before taking back an ex.

1. How serious was it?

The length of the relationship is a huge determinant of whether it’s worth giving him another shot. If you were together for many years and simply grew apart, you might be able to work on that. If it only lasted a couple of months and you were fighting like Tom and Jerry, then you certainly do not want that.

2. Why did you guys break up?

There are numerous reasons for breaking up with someone. If you broke up during one particularly intense fight, maybe you were both too caught up in the problem at hand and your own pride to see the bigger picture. If it’s something that’s going to require some committed couple’s counselling, then give it a try if you’re willing to commit to that.

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3. How well did you trust him?

For ladies, trust is a big big deal. No matter what kind of relationship you’re in, it’s important that you trust the guy you are with. If he cheated on you, will you be able to be his girlfriend again without having unlimited access to his email, message history, and Instagram DM?

It’s exhausting to constantly wonder where he is, and if he’s being a cheat all over again. It will take work to get back the security you had before you broke up. Think about if you’re willing to put in the work to get back to a place where you can learn to trust them wholeheartedly again.

4. What is his coming back bringing to your life?

Ultimately, whether you should take him back or not should be decided on an individual basis. Things that are a deal breaker for some people are acceptable to others. People can change, believe it or not.

Or, if you’ve made a lot of big changes as a result of your breakup, will taking him back mess up the new life you have started?

5. Ask him his reasons for wanting you back

Does he want you back because he misses the sex or because he longs to have you cook, clean and cater to his every need? Or is he really sober about how he treated you and wants to make it better? Please, these are some things you should know.

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