Rihanna May Have a Skincare Line in the Works And Here’s Everything To Know

Rihanna might not be giving us the music we crave but she’s definitely making boss moves in the beauty world. The 31-year-old singer and entrepreneur disrupted the beauty industry in just the first few weeks of her launch of Fenty Beauty with her release of an expansive foundation range.

Now, the powerhouse brand is getting ready to make its mark on the skin-care world, too, and we couldn’t be more excited.

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Back in 2017, Rihanna applied to trademark “House of Fenty,” which included skincare products like creams and lotions listed under its goods and services description. Now, two years later, the dream of Fenty skincare indulgences may be a reality.

The trademark for the name “Fenty Skin” has been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The application includes a potential logo and lists “soap, body care, and personal care products” as just a few goods in its description.

While right now it’s hard to imagine what a line of Fenty skin care would look like, something tells us it will be just as amazing and inclusive of skin types and tones — just as its makeup is.