‘I Used To Wear 3 Bras While Running In Secondary School’ -Actress, Ronke Odusanya:

Nollywood actress, Ronke Odusanya, has spoken about her body, her career as an actress and her thoughts on cosmetic surgery.

She said this an exclusive interview with Legit.ng on Thursday.

While speaking on her physical features, the actress recounted an experience she had while in secondary school. The film star said that when she was still a teenager in school, she used to wear three brassieres because of her bust.

She said: “When I was in secondary school, the only sports I could do then were hurdles and then I was slimmer but I was a bit busty. Because it was a girls-only school, we were always very shy when boys came. So on inter-house sports day, I will have to wear like three bras.”

Speaking further in the interview, Ronke Odusanya shared her opinion on cosmetic surgery and whether she would be open to going under the knife to alter her physical features.

The new mother said that she is a realist and would not like to lie. She said that even though God has made everyone beautiful, we begin to change physically as a result of our lifestyle.

The film star also said that she sees nothing wrong with undergoing cosmetic surgery if one can afford it. She also said people do it and she cannot say it is a bad thing.

In her words: “I cannot say it is a bad thing. If I feel like, why can’t I? People do it, so why can’t I do it if I can afford it?”

Ronke also said that people should, however, be careful not to undergo the surgery with quack doctors.