Serena Williams covered Vogue magazine for the month of January and she shared tidbits of her life, husband and baby. Not surprisingly though, her family was not left out as she celebrated them for the world to see.

Serena Williams Opens Up On Pregnancy And Motherhood As She And Her Daughter Covers Vogue Magazine

In a post on Instagram where she showed off all the women in her life, the tennis star talked  about how her mother had raised all women and raised them right. She also emphasized on the deep love she has for her family; the women in her life.

In her words: “Women. They are so prominent strong and vital to my life. My mom raised 5 women (one passed) and 3 grand children. I love this photo because we have a close bond. This is what keeps me humble. They are not afraid to tell me anything after all I am the youngest of 5.

I’m so happy Olympia has my mom as her grandma (of course she has Alexis Stepmom as well) and I”m happy she has aunts like my sisters Venus , Isha , Lyn and Alexis’ sisters Amy and Hayley. Alll women! ”

We have her Instagram Post below