Revolution At GQ Men’s Magazine As Serena Williams Is Named Woman Of The Year 2018

For GQ Magazine men’s magazine to name Serena Williams woman of the year 2018 is such a big deal to us.

Serena Williams always makes us proud with her achievements. She is the 2018 “Woman” of the Year for GQ Magazine.

However, some controversies are currently on as to why the cover artist had to write “woman” in quote.

This is quite explainable, as GQ magazine is originally a men’s magazine which already has a column for women.

Serena is also named “The Champion” on the cover of GQ Magazine. She is indeed a champion as she has won many titles in tennis and in the entertainment world at large.

The tennis player who recently gave birth to a baby shared her experiences of how she almost died during childbirth, and she went through so much pressure at the time.

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She also said in an interview that many people used to tell her that her physique is ‘man-like’, and she should not play sports because it is for women only.

However, the star says that she was ‘born this way’ and she is proud of what it has made her to become.