5 Warning Signs That Show You Need A New Hair Stylist


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Your hairstylist should do some things to give you a good hair journey, but if she or he doesn’t do all these things, then you need to find someone else to care for your hair better.

Also, there are certain features the hair salon may possess that may harm your hair.

Here are five signs that show you need a new hairstylist.

1. Your hairdresser doesn’t ask about your hair history

If you want to patronize a hair salon for the first time, then your hair history should be of major concern to the hairdresser there.

This is to ensure that the hairdresser is on the right track in styling your hair.

If your hair type is one that reacts to a relaxer that has a particular ingredient, then the hairdresser should have asked before applying a similar brand to your hair.

2. Unavailability

While anyone can experience unforeseen circumstances that cause them to be late, it’s an indication that you need a new stylist if your current one consistently makes you wait.

Your stylist should be considerate of your time as you took time out of your day to attend the natural hair salon. When working with you, a hairstylist must be respectful of your time.

A good hairstylist will always put their client’s needs before theirs.

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3. Poor communication

There is a problem when you go to the salon for a trim and your hairdresser completely removes three inches or you ask for a particular style and she under-delivers especially if it becomes frequent.

It’s time for a change if your present stylist either doesn’t listen to you or simply flat-out ignore your suggestions. You should always receive the precise service you requested when you arrived at the salon.

4. Bad customer service

Everyone knows the importance of a great customer service experience to a business. A good hairstylist is one who puts your time, money, and total experience into consideration. When you don’t think your hair has been done properly, the last thing you want is for someone to be nasty toward you. If you complain and are not met with empathy, you should leave that salon.

5. Prices are over the roof

Getting your hair done shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Expensive doesn’t always indicate better, and if you’re paying through the nose for their services, you’ll most likely be able to find a stylist of comparable quality for a significantly lower price.

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