You Can Stay Fit During Pregnancy Using These 5 Simple Methods

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There is this misconception that women should not exercise during pregnancy. Although pregnant women are advised to avoid strenuous activities, it is important to maintain some level of fitness during this beautiful time. You might be wondering how to stay fit during pregnancy and why it is even of importance. By keeping fit, the chances of complications during labour and feelings of fatigue are reduced.

Here are some ways to stay fit during pregnancy without jeopardizing the health of the baby.

1. Take brisk walks:

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Ensure that you are putting on comfortable shoes, preferably work out shoes when doing this. Walking helps to gently increase the heart rate without leaving you out of breath. Also, take walks on surfaces that are stable to avoid risks of falling down.


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Many women have said that they found swimming during their pregnancy to be calming and invigorating. This is understandable because most women tend to feel hotter during pregnancy. Swimming in chlorinated water is neither harmful to mother or child except except there is a prior allergy to chlorine. Whether you are an avid swimmer or not, just staying at the shallow end of the pool and enjoying the sensation can help you to be less fatigued.

3. Eat a balanced diet:

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Part of staying fit is making sure that the nutrition aspect is handled properly. Eating a rich diet will help in regulating hormones and dulling unhealthy cravings that are sure to come with pregnancy. Also, there are certain supplements that are safe for pregnancy mothers to take in order to maintain optimal health.

4.Do yoga:

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Yoga has been shown to improve balance, flexibility and endurance. These are three things that can help ease the strains that come with being pregnant. Certain yoga poses like the warrior pose and cat and cow pose help with stability and also serve as hip openers.

5.Consult the Doctor:

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It is imperative to go for all doctor’s appointments during pregnancy, this should go without saying. Also, before trying something new in your fitness and diet during pregnancy, consult your doctor or health care provider. Remember that the goal is to be safe and fit before and after pregnancy.