7 Struggles Only Single Mothers Can Relate To

Parenting is the biggest undertaking you’ll ever face especially when you are on your own as single moms wear lots of different hats: chef, breadwinner, counsellor etc.

Balancing the responsibilities of single parenting can be challenging and just because they don’t wear it on their face doesn’t mean its any easier.

These are some common single-parenting dilemmas single moms face.

1. They Worry Alone

Single moms could feel very lonely when they have to worry about the child or children probably about making a major decision or worrying over a high fever. Having to make the right parenting decision can sometimes feel very overwhelming and lonely. The burden of knowing that she is the only person invested in my children’s future can sometimes be a hard one to bear.

2. They Celebrate Alone

The lifetimes of children are heavily marked with milestones of achievement and moments that make memories which comes with the sting of celebrating alone.

3. They Cry Alone

Life is hard enough and there is need for a good cry every once in a while. Single moms have that moment when they finally break down and let the tears flow and the painful part is that it’s up to them to pull themselves back together as there is no one there to give them a hug.

4. They Have To Explain To Their Child About Their Father

I assume this is the single hardest part of being a single mother — having to explain a situation to the child. Answer several questions. Why did dad choose to leave? Why are you and my dad no longer together? Does my dad still love me? Is my dad ever coming back? Watching the child struggle to understand the absence of their father never gets any easier. Unfortunately for single mothers we have to go through those moments alone.

5. They struggle with Guilt

There is the guilt that your decisions may have contributed to your current family status. There’s guilt about the financial things you can’t provide, guilt about the time you spend away from them, guilt about the things you just can’t do because of your situation. Regardless of how your children became the kids of a single parent, you worry daily about the effect that it’s having on them and feel responsible.

6. Losing a sense of self

We are often expected single moms to be superwoman when the other parent is not involved. After spending the day working full time, and then being on Mommy duty at home, it’s easy for them to forget about taking care of themselves. Doing alone what was designed to be a job for two people is draining.

7. Single moms struggle to be accepted and loved

It is wrong to assume that a person with children is a weakness, however most men find it hard to accept another man’s child as their own. This makes it incredibly hard for moms to meet someone dependable and reliable to start a new life with.

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