Want To Lose Weight? This Is The Best Time To Exercise

Want to lose weight, then the best time to exercise is in the morning.

According to a new US study, women will burn more fat by exercising in the morning. The US study found the best time of day to exercise may differ for men and women.

The research revealed women burned more body fat during morning exercise, whereas evenings counted more for men.

Scientists said the differences in the variation are unclear, but that differences in hormones, biological clocks, and sleep-wake cycles between the sexes may all contribute.

Researchers said women may be more sensitive to such differences because they are more likely to have excess stomach fat.

This is important because abdominal fat wraps around the body’s internal organs, making it potentially more deadly.

The new US research on 56 healthy men and women, who were put on a 12-week fitness regime, found that women who wanted to reduce fat around their midriff, and cut their blood pressure, fared best doing exercise in the mornings.

But women trying to improve muscle strength in their upper body were better off saving their efforts for the evening – which was also found to improve their mood.

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