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Want A Stress-Free Wedding? Do Not Invite These 7 Types Of People

Weddings are beautiful and you want everyone you know to come to celebrate with you. But contrary to whatever you think, some specific people should not be invited. Weddings can be expensive. The fewer the people that attend, the better. Not having these 7 people at your wedding would ensure your peace of mind and also cut costs. ALSO READ …

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10 Wedding Guest Outfits That’ll Steal The Show (But Not From The Bride)

    Some wedding outfits and colors are usually dependent on the type of wedding you have been invited to. If you want to stand out from the normal crowd then you need to think out of the box with your style for the wedding. Most weddings in Nigeria have a particular theme that you have to follow (aso-ebi) but …

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Get Your Bridesmaids Looking Chic In These Short Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaids always look so elegant in their matching dresses. You have seen them in long flowing gowns, right? But have you seen short bridesmaid dresses? These dresses also look awesome on bridesmaids. Try these styles out for that upcoming wedding, and get people tripping. Here are beautiful short bridesmaids dresses: 1. These blue wrap dresses just look amazing on the …

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Igbo Traditional Wedding

Everything You Need To Know About Igbo Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Many people have several misconceptions about the Igbo traditional wedding, especially the part where you have to purchase a lot of things. On the contrary, Igbo weddings are very colorful and filled with several interesting events. Despite the seeming change in the method of choosing a spouse, the Igbo culture has been sustained as far as traditional weddings are concerned. …

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Are You Stuck On Picking An Hijabi Wedding Outfit? These 10 Stunning Outfits Will Inspire Your Style

  Some women believe that Hijabi wedding outfits are boring and limited. So, they try to follow the normal trend or just stick to traditional weddings. This post is about to show that Hijabi wedding outfits can be beautiful and the brides can look gorgeous on their big day. We provide you with 10 stunning Hijabi photos that will inspire …

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These 10 Glamorous Pre-Wedding Photos Would Make You Want To Get Married

Are you a soon-to-be bride looking for a theme that is fun and creative for your pre-weeding shoot? Or maybe you’re just a lover of weddings looking to feed your eyes. Whatever it is, you’re in the right place. Love is in the air and weddings are happening now more than ever. Everyone is tryng to out-do the other in …

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