Things Ladies In Their 20s Should Stop Doing

9 Things Every Woman In Her 20s Should Stop Doing

Your 20s is supposed to be your time for self-discovery- a time to do better, get better and achieve some goals.

However, if you are still living in the past and believing yourself to be a teenager, it would shock you when you finally realize that you have knocked on 30 and you still have nothing to show for it.

Below are some things young ladies in their 20s should stop doing.

1. Pleasing people you do not like

Your 20s are busy, and crucial in a lot of ways to the success of the rest of your life, so time is limited. It’s precious, and you no longer have it to waste on people who aren’t your true friends. Being polite and civil is a must, but you no longer have to please those who aren’t your friends.

Don’t worry about sending a birthday message to someone you went to secondary school with if she hasn’t spoken to you for many months. Forget attending that hang out with those old work colleagues if you never liked them from the start. Quit the pretense.

It’s nice if somebody invites you to their wedding or party, but if you aren’t friends with them anymore, or do not want to keep in touch, don’t go. Make time for your friends, the people you care about and the people who are there for you, and release the others.

2. Spending recklessly

For your own good and that of your future self, spending recklessly  is something you need to leave behind as soon as possible! We know everything is expensive and it’s nearly impossible to save, but that doesn’t mean you have to be irresponsible with your money.

Take the time to sit down, work out a budget and discover what you’re willing to spend money on, and what you can cut back on. 20s aren’t about comfort and luxury for everyone, and despite the pressure on social media, you’ll probably regret it if you make yours about having a new outfit every weekend so that the girls you went to university with will think that you’re cool.

3. Not being careful about relationship choices

For the sake of your bruised heart, try your best not to repeat your relationship mistakes as the years go on. We’ve all made silly choices when it comes to dating and this is the absolute truth.

But guess what? That has to stop now that you’re a strong, independent woman in control of her life! Repeating a relationship mistake and re-learning a lesson you should have learnt a long time ago would not help your self esteem.

It leaves you feeling depressed, hopeless, and wildly mad at yourself. So even though it might feel like the right thing to do in the moment, remember your future self and the long-term result of your actions, and make your decisions responsibly when it comes to entering new relationships in your 20s.

4.  Constantly seeking approval

Hard as it is to recognize, you actually don’t have to cater to the opinions or demands of others, and the sooner you learn that, the better. The best thing is to drop that habit as soon as you can, because it can only lead to your unhappiness.

We know that it’s natural to want to be liked, and to want people to pay attention to us, tell us we’re amazing and approve of what we do. The truth is that we’re never going to get that kind of reaction from everybody, so trying to get this is really pointless.

5. Procrastinating on your goals

In your 20s, you can no longer afford to be putting off your goals. Of course, you’re still young, and you will still learn and chase things every year for the rest of your life.

You should know that when it comes to success in any field, the more prepared you are, the better. The more work you put in, the better.

Don’t wait for tomorrow to enroll in that course you want to do or travel to that country you want to see. Talk to people, research, work hard, take risks, and make things happen!

You are the only person who can get yourself to where you want to be, so there’s no reason to not start today. Chase those goals, and keep trying to get better at your given field.

6. Not knowing how to cook

Even if you’re still living at home, as a woman in her 20s, you should be able to prepare a meal in little or no time. This has nothing to do with gender issues, instead it has everything to do with being a functioning and responsible adult.

Also, wasting your money eating out or ordering in food every night is just silly and would do you no good in the long run.

7. Not getting enough sleep

Sleep is one of the fundamental elements of a healthy lifestyle, and though we have many things to do and think of, we should never play with our sleep.

Sleep is a non-negotiable. It honestly makes everything better, from your thinking power to your mood to your skin.

Common problems that bother many young adults, like anxiety, are almost always worse when you don’t get enough sleep and this is something you should totally avoid.

8.  Being lazy and unnecessarily dirty

Letting laziness get in the way of a made bed or a washing the dishes is something that your 19-year-old self would have done, but of course, you are no longer a teenager and you just have to up your game.

You deserve to live in a clean environment (either you live alone or have a room in your parent’s house). Certainly, a bit ofmess here and there is normal but you should not turn it into a daily thing.

Take time to look good, dress well, wear clean clothes and keep your hygiene good.

9. Having poor social and table manners

Bad table manners aren’t even tolerable on children past a certain age, so you should really learn the basics by the time you’re an adult. It really isn’t that difficult, trust us when we say so.

Here are a few: don’t talk with your mouth full, don’t wipe your hands on your shirt, don’t reach across people to get the salt and don’t sit there on your phone when somebody is talking to you. It’s just plain politeness!

You might not see how being polite makes a difference, but society generally works better when we’re all civilized and considerate of each other’s feelings. You just don’t want to do anything that makes others uncomfortable or makes you look like you don’t care.

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