Planning To Get A Maid Or Nanny? Here Are 6 Important Things To Know Before Hand

The incessant stories attached to hiring a maid in your home on the media can be quite discouraging.

Most women are scared of hiring a maid or nanny but if you’re the busy type, you definitely need one.

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Despite the negative reports going around about maids, you can still get a maid/nanny that would do their job well.

This post will show you the information you should have before hiring a maid and guide you through the process.

1. Do A Proper Background Check

After meeting your maid to be from an agency or recommended to you by anyone, you have to know who they really are. This is beyond the information provided at the interview or by the hiring agency.

This is a proper background check; where are they coming from, all the places they’ve worked before they got to your place, and the reason they left.

You can also find out if they’re an ex-convict, their health state (HIV, STD, AIDS, Hepatitis, e.t.c). Make sure you conduct an extensive investigation on who you’re hiring. You can take the person to the hospital to conduct the necessary tests.

2. Investigate The Hiring Agency/ Guarantor

According to several happenings, most of the hiring agencies send the maids to carry out criminal offenses in the house they post them to. This is why you can’t leave any stone unturned. Make sure you also do a background check on the guarantor and the hiring agency. Ensure they are legitimate.

Make sure that the guarantors presented by such persons are credible persons with traceable addresses. This makes things easier in case the home help violates any of the terms of the contract.

3. Check Their Physical Appearance

Their physical appearance matters a lot, you need to check them. Their physical appearance might not truly communicate who they are but it would sure give you an idea. Check for tattoos, piercing, and all. Make sure you’re able to live with the individual’s physical appearance if you can’t then don’t bother to hire the person.

4. Make A Contract

Make sure there’s a contract binding whatever agreement you have with the maid you are about to hire. In the contract, state all the conditions attached to the job so the individual can know what they’re getting into. This is necessary for legal actions when the maid goes out of line.

5. Do Not Hire A Minor

Anyone below 18 is a minor and they can’t be hired as a maid according to Nigeria’s constitution. You don’t want to get in trouble with the government. Ensure you find out about the real age of the individual before you hire.

6. Arrange A Meeting With Your Family Members Before Making a Final Decision

Let the candidates you’re considering meet your family. Let your family members relate with them or ask them questions before you make your final choice. Watch them carefully during this process so you can figure out those that are pretending.

You can also pray about your final choice.

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