5 Things You Should Never Do On A First Date


Every single girl looks forward to her first date with a man she is interested in, a man she is looking to date or even a random guy she just met. Nevertheless, she looks forward to it.

She gets a perfect dress, her hair and nails did and ensure she looks her best. She steps out believing she’d probably nail this one but when the evening rolls out, it feels like this guy who has been pestering to go on a date with her the whole time does not seem so interested after all. Where could she have gone wrong?

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Apart from getting your hair and nails done, there are certain rules you should follow that may probably make him show up on your doorstep the next day.

You are not allowed to say or do certain things on your first date with that guy. Here are some of them;

1. Do Not Go Late

It’s not cute. Show up on time it won’t make you less attractive. He might even be impressed.

2. Never Take A Friend Along

Never go with your friend on a date with your man especially a first date. Don’t. It is a total turn off.

3. Avoid Talking Down On Other Women

You don’t have to say ill things about other women to make him more interested or see you as smart. This will most likely turn him off.

4. Do Not Talk About Your Ex

Do not talk about your ex-boyfriends he probably has enough on his plate already. This will send him away faster than you had imagined.


5. Never Complain About The Resturant

Sometimes, women can be very picky and have a different opinion from men. Don’t tell him the restaurant/hotel he took you to was lame at least not yet. Save that for your best friend.


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