Are You A Working Mom? Get All Your Tasks Done With These 7 Time Management Tips

Time management can be a difficult skill to master for working moms because life can be unpredictable with kids. Many working mothers agree that there simply isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. Even the most organized working mom can become stressed out when short on time.

Are you searching for ways to finish all your task in 24 hours? Well, search no more! To get the most accomplished each day, use the following time management tip daily.

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1. Make A To-Do List

You know if you want to get things done you need to make a list. The key is finishing that to-do list is planning when you’ll do it as well as has to have the energy to do it. The list will help you to be organized. Being organized with your schedule, your house, and your discipline strategy is one of the best time management tips you can get.

2. Assess Your Time

Look closely at how you spend your time. According to experts, most people spend up to an hour a day on tasks that could be put on hold or completely eliminated from their schedule. To manage your time, attach time to every task you have for the day in your to-do list.

3. Prioritize

The key to organization is knowing what’s a priority and what can wait.  You should divide your to-do list into three sections: those things that need to be taken care of immediately, those that can get done anytime during the week, and those that are long-term or ongoing projects. This would help you manage your time wisely and also get time to breathe.

4. Delegate Tasks

It’s tempting for mothers to cover all household responsibilities themselves (to ensure that everything is done quickly and correctly), but putting some effort into getting partners and children to pitch in can really pay off in the long run. The trick is to break chores into simple tasks and reward people for doing them. This trick works every time.

5. Multitask Only When Appropriate

Multitasking was once praised as a time management tip to top all-time management tips. Learn to consolidate jobs and get things done during downtime. You can get a phone headset so you can do other chores like ironing, cooking, or washing while making phone calls.

6. Make The Internet Your Friend

Make transactions online and have them automatically deducted from your bank account. Buy gifts from Web sites and save yourself from store crowds. Save time by researching items online before you head out to the stores. This way you’ll know exactly where to go and what you’re getting. This saves a whole lot of time.

7. Be Flexible

It’s important to keep things flexible enough to accommodate the unexpected things that moms encounter like sick kids, spilled milk, and the occasional meltdown. This just simply means having a backup plan for everything.


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