11 Essential Tips To Achieving A Productive Week

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The start of every week can be stressful or eventful depending on how you planned it to be.

Everyone dreads Mondays, the end of the weekend relaxation, the start of the hustle and bustle, the whole rush involved. We believe that the start of every week can be productive if you apply the right strategies and mindset.

Here are 11 effective tips to help you stay productive for the rest of the week.

1. Prepare over the weekend

Getting yourself ready for the new week on Saturdays or even Sundays would save you time at the start of the week. Set out your work outfit and your kid’s as well.

2. Make a list

Putting down your plans in writing helps to keep you in check. Make a list of goals you hope to achieve in the coming week and get the necessary items needed to achieve them ready.

Now that you’ve got your list of to-dos, briefly rank them by importance. You don’t need to make any physical notes; just getting an idea of your workload ahead eliminates the need for figuring all that out later.

4. Give yourself a head start.

Getting to work or waking up 30 minutes earlier can make a huge difference because your mornings have such an impact on the rest of your day. You can get a lot done within that time before everyone else starts to roll in and chat about their weekends

5. Avoid Distractions

Put off responding to messages until your lunch or break and resist unnecessary chats throughout the day. You’ll be able to get through your to-dos much quicker if you remove all distractions.

6. Attempt Tasks One At A Time

It’s been proven over and over that if you have two things to get done, completing them one at a time will not only allow you to finish sooner, it’ll also increase the precision of your work.

7.  Learn To Say No

If you have so many things to do and deadlines to meet do not commit to extra tasks that would drain you.  In situations like this, it will be ok to say ‘no’ or at least ‘not this week’.

8. Tackle the difficult task first

Tackle what you don’t want to do first so that you don’t spend the whole day avoiding it. You’ll be so relieved that the rest of the day and week will seem simple.

9.Take a Break

Work hard and play hard, but don’t mix the two. Be fully engaged wherever you are. When you’re working, immerse yourself, but schedule some time each day and on the weekends to stay far, far away from work. You deserve a break and your brain does too.

10. Only do what only you can do

If there’s someone who can do what you’re doing better or cheaper, have them do it. Your time is better spent doing things only you can do.

11. Don’t beat yourself up

It takes time and practice to master anything, and productivity is no different. Constant improvement is the realistic goal, not perfection in one week.

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