Your Weaves Will Last Longer When You Use These 7 Tips To Care For Them

Weaves are one of the best options to consider for your hair, both for protective reasons and styling.

Managing your own hair can become time-consuming and tedious but when you have a good weave on, your hair problems are probably solved by half.

What many don’t know is that weaves require care as well, maybe a little lesser than our own hair. Taking proper care of them will determine how much of your money’s worth you will be getting out of it and how long it will last.

Here are 7 tips to help you care for them properly.

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1. Be picky with the type you buy

The first step towards ensuring the longevity of your weave is ensuring you buy a good one. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive as there are cheap weaves that will last for as long as you want them too. Weaves that shed easily for instance will be a waste of money. Pick wisely.

2. Get a good hairdresser

For the most part, your hairdresser will be the one handling your hair. A good hairdresser can give you tips on what not to use on your weaves and they won’t use it on it either. Also, the hairdresser will should know the best way to style your weave to avoid damage to it.

3. Comb with care

Just the same way you should avoid combing your hair from the root upwards, your should not just rip your comb through your weaves. To detangle and remove knots, start combing from the tip and work your way downwards.

4. Wash it with a mild shampoo

A sulphate-free shampoo is the best to use in washing your weave same as your hair. Do not scrub or bunch the weave while washing as this may lead to tangles.

5. Ensure you dry it properly

After washing your weaves, ensure you allow them to dry properly as this would prevent it from smelling when you eventually fix them. It is better you allow it to dry naturally but if your must use a hand drier, reduce the heat to the minimum.

6. Use leave-in conditioner

Once your weave is now dry, use a little leave in condition to restore it strength.

7. Don’t use oils on your weaves

Oils weigh down your weaves so it is advised that you don’t use them. They can also cause matting and tangling. If at all your weave is no longer shiny, use a little Argan oil as this is light compared to others.

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