8 Effective Parenting Tips For Raising Teenagers

Parenting a teenager is not the easiest thing and should be done with caution.

Your teenage child is going through a new phase, where they experience mood swings and begin to feel a sense of independence.

All these changes may feel frustrating for you as a parent.

Here are some effective tips for raising successful teenagers.

1. Set aside time to talk to them

It’s often tough to juggle your career, parenting, and other responsibilities. As a parent, it is important to set out time to talk to your children where you give them your undivided attention. Let your teenager know that you have time to talk. Share your values with them but don’t impose them. If your teenager wants to talk, make time to listen. You’ll create meaningful memories for years to come, and your teen will know you enjoy spending time together.

 2. Respect their opinions

Dealing with a disrespectful teenager can be frustrating but responding with disrespect will harm the relationship.

If you want your teens to come to you with their problems, then you need to show them respect. A proven way to maintain open lines of communication is to listen more and speak less.

So speak to your teen firmly but with respect. Listen to your teenager’s point of view and decide what is worth taking a stand on and what isn’t.

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3. Control what they watch

Because we are in the digital age, there is more pressure to control what children watch because of the amount of x-rated content they may be exposed to. As a parent, watching the stuff that your child wants to watch with them and being able to laugh at it and talk about it is an important way to connect and be able to discuss subjects that would otherwise be taboo.

4. Set out clear guidelines  and boundaries

Tell your teenager where you’re going, who with, and when you’ll be back – expect them to do the same. Teenagers need clear guidelines just as much as younger children as setting boundaries shows you care. When you do this, your teens will see that you respect their opinions and independence. Plus, they’ll be far more likely to keep to the agreed-upon boundaries.

5. Encourage them

Everyone likes to encouraged and validated. Giving encouragement and taking an interest in your teenager is as important as praising them. Praise them for their efforts and let them know when they do something that pleases you. Don’t be afraid to tell them that you love them, even if you get no response.

6. Set a positive example

Most people grow up mirroring their parents’ habits and behaviours.

Your teens are constantly observing what you say and do so set a good example for them.

If your teens see that you’re committed to personal development, they’ll be more likely to develop positive habits too.

And if your teens observe that you’re kind, respectful, hardworking, and responsible? They’ll be more likely to develop these qualities, too.

7. Be involved in your teen’s life, but respect their privacy

It’s important to understand what’s going on in your teens’ lives. If they’re engaging in harmful behaviour or hanging out with bad company, you’ll want to know so you can guide them to make better decisions.

The best way to keep up with what’s going on in your teen’s life isn’t to invade their personal space.

Instead, stay present and engaged with your teens. Communicate with them. Do things with them that they enjoy. Listen to them when they complain or vent their frustrations.

When you show your teenagers that you respect their freedom and privacy, they’ll be more likely to come to you when they have problems.

8. Don’t be afraid to start conversations about sex

As early as age 9, or 10, kids want to try out new things and experiment with sex, drugs, and alcohol. therefore, It is your duty as a parent to sit down and have that talk with them. If you don’t, they are going to be exposed to this stuff through their peer group.

You want to provide them with information that is accurate, but you want to do it in a way that isn’t overwhelming.

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