5 Tips On How To Deal With A Depressed Partner

Depression takes a toll on family relationships, especially between couples. If you are not careful the depression can put a strain between you and your spouse.

There are many factors that can contribute to a man’s depression, most especially when he is in a low place in his life.

These 5 Tips Will Maintain A Lasting Relationship When You And Your Spouse Are ‘Colleagues’

So what do you do when your partner or husband won’t talk to you but grumble, complain and mope around the house?

These tips will serve as a guide.

1 Find The Root Of The Problem

This is the first step to solving the problem. You have to know what the problem is to solve it. Is it his job? Earnings? Or even you and the family? A problem shared is a problem solved. And in a case where he doesn’t talk, do some digging, but not snooping and getting into his business. Just gather enough information that would help in solving the problem.

2. Understand and Support Him

When a man is depressed, it takes a lot to bring him out of it. Understand where he is coming from and why things are like that. You Being by his side will do a lot, especially when you make him remember why he has you by his side. But be careful not to let him wallow for too long. Let him know depression doesn’t solve anything and he has to help you to help him.

3. Tell Him Gently What You’ve Noticed About Him

When you want to approach your depressed spouse, make sure you do it gently and with love. If you harsh with your words, he could put everything on you. Be careful not to let your ‘talk’ with him lead to an argument. Patience and gently, that way he can open up and you can seek a solution.

4. Seek Help Together

Support goes a long way in helping your spouse. Seek help together, whether it is a counselor you see or a professional therapist, a spiritual counselor or help from family members. It is Important for you to be by his side and not let him take the journey alone.

5. Do Family Activities Together

You can take him and the kids out, do something fun like you used to you when dating. Getting him distracted will help the recuperation process. He needs to feel needed and useful again, to know that there are people counting on him. You are the one who can best help your husband because yo know him best.


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