5 Types Of Flat Shoes Every Woman Must Have In Her Wardrobe


Flat shoes make you feel comfortable, free and light when you wear your shoes.

They are good because they help with easy movements because unlike the high heels you have.

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When you want to get flats, these 5 shoes are the right ones to get.

1. Ballet Flats


This is a light flat shoe, usually with a round-toe resembling those worn by ballet dancers. Best part is that they come with unique designs.


2. Loafers


Loafer are shoes that do not have a lacing or fastening system. Their end-toes form an angular tip rather than a round one.

3. Sneakers

Sneakers are soft shoes worn for sports or casual occasions.

4. Sandals

Sandals are open-toe shoes with straps attaching the sole to the foot.

5.  Espadrilles

They are light shoes that look like sandals. They are usually made from canvas sheets featuring a plaited fiber sole.