Here’s How To Make The Delicious Calabar Delicacy, Ukom Isip (Coconut & Seafood Plantain Pottage)

Our traditional meal in Nigeria is a major part of our culture and it sets us apart from other countries in the world.

For today’s post, we’ll be looking at Ukom Isip which is a delicacy of Cross River state.  It’s a combination of seafood, coconut milk, and plantain. As easy as this dish is, it is an old and almost extinct dish.

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Here’s the recipe to make this delicious delicacy.


  • 3 ripe yellow plantains
  • 2 overripe  plantains
  •  1 can of coconut milk
  •  ½ a can of Banga (palm nut) extract
  • Chunks of fresh cod ­
  • Fresh Nigerian pepper mix (tomatoes, pepper and red bell pepper)
  • Salt
  • Stock cube
  • Smoked fish
  • 1 cooking spoon of ground crayfish
  • Chopped Uziza ­(optional)


1. Add the Banga extract to the pot and add a little water to dissolve it. Just a little water, remember, that coconut milk is on its way.

2. Add the smoked fish to the extract and let it cook till it softens. The taste of this banga extract to the finished product, in fact, is better tasted, than imagined.

3. Hold the peeled plantain directly over the pot, cut circles and chunks into the pot. Do the same for the over-ripened plantains. When you are done, add about a cooking spoon or two of the pepper mix.

4. Empty the entire can of coconut milk into the pot.

5. Give it a good stir, then season and let it cook.

6. As the coconut stock starts to reduce, add the ground crayfish, so it can infuse its flavour early enough.

7. Once the pottage starts to really thicken, stir, taste, and be sure you like it, before adding the seafood and fish last.

8. Stir again and allow to cool.

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Ukom Isip (Coconut Plantain Pottage) : : Pottages make me happy ‘cos I can add ingredients to the pot , cover and go about my business. Just stirring every ones in a while during the cooking process. : : This dish calls for freshly squeezed coconut milk. At least that is what my #Efik people do and I see why. The cream is lighter and allows the Plantain to cook to perfection. Hey, but you can try the canned coconut cream and dilute it. : : I am thinking I should have added some carrots and green peas to add more nutrition goodness. I will sure do that next time I cook this : : Meanwhile do try my recipe and have a great weekend. I appreciate those feedback of ‘ I tried your Ukom Isip and I liked it ‘ ?. : : #1qfoodplatter #1qfoodplattervideos #plantainporridge #plantainpottage #plantain #weekendcooking #nigerianfood #crossriverstate #efikfood

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