5 Tips On How To Get Food At Your Next Wedding

ways to get food at a Nigerian wedding

Beyond the celebrations and felicitations, one thing most people look forward to at a Nigerian wedding is the food.

There is something about looking at steaming plates of smoky Jollof rice and other mouth-watering foods at a wedding that makes you hurt and angry if you do not get a plate. It hurts more if you didn’t eat before leaving the house.

I have been in those shoes before but the moment I found out that it wasn’t nice looking at others’ mouths while they ate, I sought means to ensure that I always got food at a wedding.

Going to a wedding soon, these tips will help you.

 1. Go early

If you aren’t part of the bridal train or aso-ebi, going early to a wedding is very sensible. Do not think that you do not have to get there early since you are not playing any significant part. Going early means that you get a good seat, probably at the front and you get served before others.

2. Dress well

You know what they say about first impressions and dressing well. There is something about a well dressed gentle man or lady that reeks of class. There is every probability that if you dress well for an event, outfit on point, hair well laid, classy shoes, you will radiate a nice aura which would make the waiters notice you and pass you a plate of food.

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3. Sit with the right crowd

No matter how you do it, there are some people that are more important than others at a wedding. If you sit at a table where the intimate friends of the couple are seated, you are likely to get served well. If you cannot manage that, sit at the table very close to where the important people are seated. By this, you get treated like dignitary and you won’t hustle for food.

4. Have a good disposition

Yes, this also helps. The moment food is being served is not the time to get saucy. Smile at the servers, offer polite but real compliments, keep your face well comported and with a little luck, you’ll get a plate of food passed to you.

5. Be smart

Why wouldn’t you be smart at a naija reception? Be watchful too. Some people go to weddings to pack away anything they can lay their hands on. If you aren’t careful and watchful, you might realize at the end of the wedding that you did not get to taste from the small chops, neither did you get a glass of the chilled juice placed on your table. You know why? Some clever ones had craftily put all the goodies into a polythene bag secretly concealed underneath their chairs. You do not want to be a victim of this. So be careful!

So you are ready! At your next wedding, why not try one of these tips and get back to us on your result.


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