7 Reasons Why You Should Ditch That Wedding Dress For A Jumpsuit


bridal jumpsuit

This is a favorite topic personally because I love jumpsuits. This trend is being embraced by brides who don’t really like the traditional dress thing for their special day or rather would be free to dance and move around without feeling caged or uncomfortable.

I love the fashion trend of jumpsuit and the fact that it is slowly being incorporated into the bridal look whether for a rehearsal dinner, the wedding ceremony or more popular now, the reception party.

Here are 7 reasons why should consider incorporating a jumpsuit into your wedding outfit plans.

1.) It is a fabulous way to jazz things up by deviating from the norm of dresses for the bride and her ladies.

bridal jumpsuits


2.) It is more comfortable than your traditional wedding or reception gown.

3.) It is a stylish way to make a fashion statement. Want your wedding to be talked about, wear a jumpsuit.


bridal jumpsuit

4.) It is perfect for almost all shape types. Apple shaped, pear or hour glass? You need not fear. A jumpsuit will perfectly accentuate your curves and make you look sophisticated.

5.) Unlike a wedding or reception dress which tends to become quite useless after the ceremony, a jumpsuit can still be rocked several times to different occasions.

bridal jumpsuit


6.) You can wear them anyhow you want. I like mine to be sleeveless and halter-necked, or a V-neck silhouette. A friend of mine prefers hers to button down the front. They come in all sorts of lengths, too. Certain jumpsuits cinch with a tie at the waist, others are gathered. You can have whatever you like for your wedding.

7.)  It looks chic and effortless. Leave the frilly dress behind and try a jumpsuit.


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But to pull off this look without appearing tacky, some things should be put into consideration like; the type of fabric, you definitely need a good designer, the length has to be well tailored coming right down before the foot. Some persons may not fully want to depart from the flowing veil, that can also be incorporated into the look or you could have it like a cape instead of the veil.

From the few weddings I have attended this year and for the ones where the bride decided to ditch the traditional wedding dress look and rather opt for a jumpsuit, I would give the look a plus. They were styled to perfection and looked as radiant and beautiful as brides that also wore dress at their weddings.

In the year 2018, there will certainly be more of this jumpsuit look for brides and even bridesmaids than dresses. And now that the female groomsman thing is on board, we are definitely going to be seeing a lot of spontaneity and creativity from weddings which is something exciting to look forward to as well.


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