12 Ways To Make A Fashion Statement With Your Blazers


There are a thousand and one ways to style your Blazer Jackets and this is the absolute truth.

Jackets are not only for official purposes and they can be worn for almost every occasion depending on how well you style it.

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Below are some super stylish ways to wear them.

1. Pair with coloured pants, t-shirts and nice shoes.

2. Pair a plaid jacket with a dark sweat shirt, boots and jeans.

3. A bustier always helps. Just pair it with tight fitted jeans and a jacket and you are good.

4. Not every time tight fitted, sometimes wear a loose jacket and trousers like this beautiful lady.

5. And sometimes, you can do shorts too. Wear it with nice shoes and you’d be good.

6. And a knee length skirt? Perfect.

7. This looks so good on Rhonkefella

8. A jacket can give jeans a whole new look. You should try this.

9. Monochrome can be rocked with any colour also and you’d look good.

10. Want to go playful? Then go this way

11. Aiming for a very official look? Button up. Add a bit of spice by leaving one or two buttons undone.

12.  And almighty ankara? We see no reason why you cannot look as classy as this lady.