6 Reasons Why Having Sex With Your Ex Is A Very Bad Idea

Why You Should Not Have Sex With Ex

Sex is fun, especially when you are having it with someone who makes you feel all sorts of ways. That is no problem though – the big deal here is having sex with your ex, that man you swore you had gotten over.

No matter how much you try to analyze it, it is an absolutely bad idea and you should know this.

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Below are some of the important reasons not to sleep with your ex

1. It’ll bring back hurtful memories

The relationship ended, you cried over it and thought you had gotten over it and then, you end up in bed with your ex. People tend not to break up because they have an amazing relationship and never argue, so why not just keep things as they are and avoid bringing back hurtful memories.

2. You will most likely regret it

Nothing guarantees a good old-fashioned bit of emotional self and mental esteem loss like sleeping with an ex. Because we all know giving it up at the moment means you’ve turned yourself to a sex maniac – and what’s more depressing than that though?

3. It will hold you back

As much as you try and convince yourself you can have casual sex with an ex and still meet someone else, the more your ex is in your life, the harder it will be to move on. You will just become a sex partner to a man who probably will never want you. Why not do better and let love find you again!

4. You would get hurt again

Unfortunately, we most times cannot have sex as women, without our emotions getting the best of us. As much as you tell yourself that it’s just sex, that you’re just in search of a good sexual experience, and that no emotions are involved, there will always be some emotion involved.

Maybe it won’t feel like there is, but one day he’s not going to pick up your call, or you’re going to see him flirt with or want another girl, and it’s going to hurt you. The break-up probably hurt enough the first time, why do you need to go through more pain over the same man?

5. He is probably using you

Maybe at this point in your life, no strings attached sex is all that you want, but deep down you want someone who cares about you for more than how good you are in bed. Your ex clearly doesn’t want to date you, so you’re allowing yourself to simply be his sex toy until he finds someone new to replace you.

Instead of catering to someone who clearly doesn’t care about you, why don’t you pay more attention to your needs, and go get what you want?

6. It makes you look cheap

Yes, You can’t expect every guy to bend over backward for you, but he should at least treat you right. Why do you make an exception for your ex? By ending the relationship but still wanting sex, he’s basically saying that he doesn’t want to take you on dates, show you off, or be committed to you, but he still wants you to sleep with him.

Do you realize how bad that sounds? Don’t settle for your ex when there are bigger and better men out there who actually know what they want.

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