Yemi Alade Style Photos

Yemi Alade, popularly known as Mama Africa is a talented vocalist, dancer and performer who has gone mainstream in so short a while.

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She is not only an award winning vocalist, she also is very fashionable and she has her very own jewellry collection.

We have taken an interest in her unique style and we bring to you 15 awesome stylish photos of the singer.

1. Keeping it casual here

2. Just take a look at that body!

?? #BlackMagic #Godown is getting soo much love ???

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3. Showing off her sexy in this music video

4. This ankara ensemble is super dope

And it’s about time … #Blackmagic #goDown

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5. We knew all along she wasn’t regular

6. Looking good in her mickey mouse dress

7. Her shoes are so gorgeous

8. Keeping it real here

9. She definitely has a lovely shoe collection

Yummy Yemi Definitely Inspired the name #TomatoJos ???? Happy Weekend to My Future #Heartrobber #SingleAndSearching #Blackmagic

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10. Looking good in head to toe earth tones

11. Smoking hot in this black ensemble

12. This dungarees is fire

13. Red carpet ready

14. Ankara vibes

15. And this her lovely bridal shoot