5 Signs That Prove Your Boyfriend May Be A Yahoo Boy


There has been a rise in internet fraudsters popularly called ‘Yahoo Boys’ in Nigeria in recent years.

Sometimes, women enter relationships with these guys not knowing the source of income of their so-called ‘rich’ boyfriend.

It’s no secret that most women are easily attracted to material things, hence they don’t do any major research before going into a relationship. They just want to be spoilt with money and the finest things of life.

These yahoo boys hence take advantage of these gullible ladies by lavishly spending on them. Some of them have even gone diabolical all in a bid to ensure the money keeps coming in.

Are you a woman in this kind of situation, worried that she might be dating a fraudster, Well here are some easy signs to help you know.

1. He’s Spends Lavishly & Is Not Straight Forward About His Source Of Income

If your boyfriend is always spending money, buys expensive things, takes you out for shopping, go on expensive vacations and his job is not lucrative enough to fund his way of living then something must definitely be wrong. It may be a clear sign that he is a yahoo boy.

2. He Is Always Secretive About being online

If your partner is always online, either on his laptop or his phone but never on his personal account that you’re aware of, and he is always so secretive about the things he does online.

Then your suspicions might just be right especially when you wake up at midnight and you see him buried in his laptop typing frantically and he switches them off or leaves the room whenever you come around him.

3. The Kind Of Friends He keeps

If the kind of fiends your partner keeps are also rich do-nothings, care only about living a flashy lifestyle, taking pictures for the gram and living the fast life, then you should start suspecting you are dating a yahoo guy.

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4. He Has A Lot Of Gadgets And Sim Cards

All yahoo boys own a multitude of sim cards and phones as they need these things for their line of work. If he has a lot of sim cards and has no tangible explanation when you ask him about it, this can also prove a point to you.

5. He Lies Consistently

If your source of income is not legitimate, you definitely have no choice but to lie about the things you are doing.

So they’ll have to lie to make their money seem legit. They will keep coming up with excuses like ( businessman, export and import, contractor, etc) because those are easy ways to sugarcoat they do.

So dear ladies, if you have doubt already and your man does most of these things, you’re definitely dating a yahoo boy.

Adetoun Ogunlami:

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