8 Best Washing Machines For Every Home

Washing machines have come a long way – from devices which just spin clothes in an encasement into powerful machines which spin efficiently, remove the toughest stains and even dry the clothes.

Some washing machines even “iron” these clothes autonomously after washing.

We have a compiled list of the best washing machine for every home

1. Scanfrost Washing Machine | N 45,000 – N 180,000

Scanfrost Washing Machine is a household essential for every home. It is an automatic and semi-automatic washing machine that effectively takes care of all your laundry needs. It is designed with easy use control knobs that let you control how you want it to wash different type of clothing materials in a timely manner. The control has a wash timer, a draining control and a spinning timer. This washing machine is designed to have a dedicated tub for washing and another for spinning to give you a faster laundry time.


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2. Nexus Washing Machine | N 25,500 – N 85,500

Nexus Washing Machine comes with Chromed knob Rusty- Free Plastic Body.
Nexus Washing Machine is a very easy appliance, and it comes with a variety of features which makes the washing process fast and convenient. With this washing machine, you can have your dirty clothes cleaned and dried in quick time.


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3. Haier Thermocool | N 18,000 – N 180,000

Haier Thermocool Washing Machines provide a helping hand to family life. They provide you with the best of both worlds; combining the thoroughness and freshness of a handwash with the convenience and care of a responsive and easy to set programme machine wash.


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4. LG Washing Machine | N 38,250 – N 265,000

LG washing machines are designed to suit a range of needs. Whether you need a front load, top load, automatic or semi-automatic washing.


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5. Samsung Washing Machine | N 90,000 – N 250,000

Samsung washing machines can make your laundry day experience smarter and faster with innovative features. These washing machines are sleek and save on space when stacked.


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6. Akai Washing Machine | N 31,500 – N 71,000

Akai is designed to suit your family’s needs and it also makes laundry easier. It is very easy to operate.


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7. Polystar Washing Machine | N 20,100 – N 87,000

 Polystar washing machines in Nigeria are the go-to washing machines when you are on a budget but still want good performance. It is the ideal laundry appliance for every household. It is easy to use and light-weight so you can move it from one place to another.



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8. Hisense Washing Machine | N 39,000 – N 100,000

Hisense washing machine is built to the highest standards. Some features include Anti-foam Sensor System and Balance Control.


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