Palm oil has a surprising number of benefits for skin- working like magic on problem areas. As beautiful and smooth skin is the reflection of our overall health and emotional state, you should look for natural ingredients to help you.

As well it serves as a natural barrier that protects our body from bacteria, UV and internal impacts. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep your skin healthy and nourish it with essential substances.

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Why palm oil is good for your skin

1. Vitamin E

Palm oil is rich in vitamin E and its form known as tocotrienol. These substances have powerful antioxidant activity which means, they fight free radicals in our body and by that, prevent cell damage and certain diseases, like cancer.

Not only does vitamin E protect our skin but it also has anti-aging effect by eliminating wrinkles and smothering skin surface as mentioned on Mercola. Vitamin E contributes to proper blood circulation which leads to more active cell regeneration and therefore, the new healthy skin layers are formed faster. In addition, this vitamin assists in smoothing and evening the skin and reducing or even eliminating scars, burns and spots.

2. Vitamin A and carotenes

The substance that gives red palm oil its deep color is carotene, which is also found in carrots, tomatoes and peppers. Our body converts carotenes in vitamin A, which plays a very important role for our well-being and the health of the skin. It directly affects the dermis – a layer, where collagen and elastin vessels are.

Thus, vitamin A promotes skin elasticity and strength as well as blood circulation and cell regeneration. It also repairs the damaged cell structure and has an ability to protect the skin from UV damage.

3. Moisturizing and cleansing properties

Red palm oil is well known for its high concentration of fats. However, this is rather a benefit than a negative feature as palm oil hydrates the skin and supplies it with essential fatty acids and necessary nutrients. As well this oil has the fatting agent which helps to restore the natural skin oil and thus keep it moisturized.

Red palm oil is also effective as a cleansing product, freeing the skin from dirt and excess oil. Red palm oil can be applied either internally as a food supplement or externally, in form of various soaps, creams or as mask or skin treatment ingredient.