These 5 Oils Are The Best For Oily Skin And Here’s Why

Women with oily skin tend to use skincare products that’ll rather make their body surfaces drier than it already is. This means avoiding oils and other moisturizers. Moreover, this allows their skins to feel extremely dry, and this is quite uncomfortable.

However, do you know that you can still use some oils even when your skin is oily? These oils are specifically for people with oily skin, and they help to keep the skin as moderate as possible. With these best oils, oily skin can never go wrong.

Here they are:

1. Jojoba Oil

best oils for oily skin

It is the perfect carrier oil for your type of skin because it acts as a trickster, confusing your skin to stop its own oil production.

2. Aloe Vera essential oil

Naturally, it repairs the skin, so if there’s any issue with oily skin that can cause skin harm or damage, then it would automatically heal it.

3. Geranium essential oil

best oils for oily skin

Geranium oil produces sebum and promotes blood circulation all over the skin. It’s a great oil for your oily skin.

4. Tea tree oil

It contains anti-bacterial properties that would help with treating pimples because it clears clogged pores. Also, it penetrates the blockage between your skin and glands.

5. Myrrh essential oil

best oils for oily skin

Myrrh oil treats blemishes and scars that your skin may suffer from. Also, if you’re having breakouts and sunburns due to the nature of your skin, then it’s a great option.