FCMB #SheVentures – 4 Reasons Every Nigerian Business Woman Should Seriously Consider This New Proposition

Reports show that women make up 49% of Nigeria’s adult population. However, only
about 42% of them have access to formal financial services. Moreover, 42.7% of
Nigerian women are business owners out of which only an estimated 2% have
access to capital and loans to grow their businesses.

It is also reported that around 7 million businesses will be set-up by Nigerian women in the year 2021 with the potential to create 8.9 million jobs and unlock billions in revenue for the country.

On Thursday March 07, 2019 at an impressive ceremony in Lagos, leading Nigerian
financial institution First City Monument Bank (FCMB) unveiled #SheVentures, its
brand-new proposition to support the growth of businesses owned or managed by

The event, which was part of the Bank’s activities to celebrate this year’s
International Women’s Day with the theme “Balance for Better” provided the right
opportunity to highlight how FCMB is helping women close the gaps in the world of
If you are a woman who runs a business in Nigeria, here are 4 reasons you should
seriously consider FCMB’s #SheVentures proposition:

1. Mentorship – through a network of qualified mentors carefully selected by
FCMB, #SheVentures offers Nigerian business women access to guidance,
motivation, emotional support, and role modelling for a successful career.

2. Capacity building and training – The Bank has also partnered with consultants
in various fields of business to provide key professional services at discounted
rates to its women in business customers. Not forgetting exclusive business
training events which FCMB either directly organizes or in partnership with
other leading organizations.


3. Access to loans at zero (yes, zero!) or competitive interest rates – through its
flagship zero percent loan product, FCMB offers short-term loans to female
customers who need quick access to funds. At the #SheVentures launch
event alone, about 40 female SMEs were awarded loans of between
N500,000 to N5,000,000 at zero percent interest.  In addition, there are other
loans such as the FCMB BOI Gender Loan, which comes at 15% interest.


4. Supporting women in business is of strategic importance to FCMB – at the
launch of #SheVentures, Mr. Adam Nuru, said the Bank strongly believes in
the power of entrepreneurship. He added that the contribution of women to
economic development cannot be understated, as over 30% of businesses
owned globally are either female owned or managed. On her part, FCMB’s
Executive Director, Business Development, Mrs. Bukola Smith, said ‘’the
#SheVentures proposition is as much a statement of substance as it is one of

We are passionate about supporting women in business. The
#SheVentures offerings are tailored to offer sustainable benefits to women-
owned SMEs and support them to increase their productivity and contributions
in the areas of job and wealth creation, poverty reduction, empowerment and
the overall development of Nigeria.”

So, now you know – FCMB is providing the right support to help the Nigerian
business woman thrive in all #SheVentures to do! For more information about
#SheVentures, please click https://on.fcmb.com/SheVentures-10.

See more pictures from the launch of FCMB #SheVentures:


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