Recipe: Delight Your Family This Weekend To A Delicious Pot Of Cotton Seed Soup (Obe Koowu)

How To Prepare Cotton Seed Soup

Cotton soup is popularly called ‘Obe Koowu’ and it is largely eaten by the Ondo, Owo people.

Made with cotton seeds, this soup is not only healthy, but it is also easy to prepare.

Below are easy tips on how to prepare.


-1 small size Smoked fish
– 8 medium pieces Bush meat
– 2 tablespoons crayfish (ground)
– 1 medium mudu Palm fruit
– 5 cups cotton seed
– 1 wrap Fermented locust bean(iru)
– 1 medium bunch spinach
– 3 medium size fresh tomato (ground)
– 1 medium bulb Onion (ground)
– 1 tablespoon dried pepper (ground)
– 2 maggi cubes
– 5 litres Water
– Salt to taste

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1. Wash the palm fruit and boil with 2 litres of water till the fruits are soft.Pound and mix with 2 litres of warm water and strain to get the oily extract.

2. Pound or grind the cotton seed until well blended. Add 1 litre of hot water and mix. Sieve the pounded cottonseed 2-3 times.

3. Place the oily extract on the burner and allow boiling. Add the cottonseed extract and boil till the foam disappears.

4. Add the washed smoked fish, bush meat, crayfish, tomato, onion, locust bean, pepper, and Maggi cube.

5. Stir and allow boiling for about 20 – 30 minutes.

6. Pick, wash and shred the spinach. Add to the soup and salt to taste.

7. Simmer for few minutes, then remove from heat and serve with any swallow of your choice.

This video tutorial from Foodies and Spice will also help you.