5 Food Combinations That Are Surprisingly Dangerous To Your Health

Food is meant to be nutritious and eating is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. However, some dangerous food combinations can cause it to be neither of the two, and the enjoyment gotten from the food will only be temporary.

Stomach upsets are mostly as a result of ingesting certain dangerous food combinations that are bad for general health

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Here are five food combinations that are dangerous to the health.

1. Eating Food and Drinking

Water is very beneficial to our health and the proper functioning of our digestive system. However, it is quite dangerous to drink water or juice between spoonfuls of food.

This is because liquids dilute the stomach acids, thereby reducing its effectiveness in breaking down food groups like protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

Try to drink at least 10 minutes before or after eating. This would also help to keep you from overeating.

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2. Eggs and Pork Bacon/ Red Meat

Eating two different high protein sources is very dangerous as the combination of both overworks your digestive system and makes you feel lethargic after a short period of time.

The body needs enough energy to break down food and protein break down consumes a lot of energy. So consuming the two things at once is not the best diet choice to make.

Space out your animal protein sources for different meals of the day to avoid this.


3. Fruit And Food

This sounds like a good combination right? After all, fruit is good for your body. It is bad because fruits are supposed to move quickly through your system and because it has been combined with food, it would be retained for longer and the sugar in the fruit begins to ferment.


4. Milk Cereal and Orange Juice

Orange juice is acidic while casein is the main protein in milk and the combination of these two causes the milk to curdle in the system and the enzyme in the starchy cereal is destroyed.

Try to have your orange juice about 30 minutes before or after your cereal to avoid this from causing you any stomach upsets.


5. Pizza and Soda

Many of us do this when we are out eating pizza with friends and family without knowing how dangerous it is. The proteins in the pizza and the gas content in fizzy carbonated drinks overworks the digestive system.

It makes it hard for your body to break down food and thereby, making you very lethargic. Also, the sugar in the soda slows down digestion, making you feel heavy and bloated. Try to pair your pizza with a different beverage.